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Walden Pond

Being a Chronicle of Man against Men

Walden Pond

Being a Chronicle of Man against Men


...this blog is going to be work in progress for the foreseeable future. So many issues need to be addressed from scratch, so that an unbiased and objective bigger, wider, steadier, deeper, not a picture, but more like a movie on "our" slippage from a poor but growing (and free) country to this dreamlike (and poorer) suspended animation -  can come to fruition.  


The present condition of the educational system - elementary, middle and higher - needs to be explained. The Constitution (see screenshot at the end of this post) needs to be explained. Political parties need to be explained, much as the dismal turnout rate for practically every electoral summons needs to be explained. Hell, even the widespread presence of serious and recurring mental illness, collective apathy and schizophrenia among the Portuguese needs to be explained. And there are explanations, though quite a few of them are anything but obvious. 


So bear with us (yeah, there will be more than just me ranting around here) while we don't find anything else to waste our time on, and before the henchmen know we're doing it ;)


Easy even for Greeks, right?


Oh and don't forget: this blog is open for anyone wishing to drop their occasional 2 cents.



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