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Walden Pond

Being a Chronicle of Man against Men

Walden Pond

Being a Chronicle of Man against Men

A Translation of Supermarket Queues

a collection of early morning tweets on a perfectly normal trading day, hours from the referendum which will probably see the victory of consumerism and crony-politics over the freedom we once had, before shopping malls took over playing street football in the evening as our leading hobby. 

before the € replaced national currencies, countries like portugal and greece produced food, machinery, clothing and shortages were unheard of.

when we joined the EU, and later the EZ, real work was replaced by bureaucratic, paper-shifting "job openings", specially State sector.

the essential was made obsolete, and the accessory was made essential. suddenly, everyone found it normal to have 200 yogurt varieties, 

a new car every other year, two week vacations in the Far East, countless options of useless goods, none of which were locally produced

and merrily we went along with the bandwagon, dumbing down our kids, accommodating a decadent and dependent lifestyle, trading reality 

for a perpetual, cash-induced stupor that is having its peak LaLa-Land as we see a slow death unfold to liberty, objective reasoning, 

and most ominously, demography. in portugal, the net population loss is 1% y/y, based on infertilty (people having more cats than kids)

emigration (with the State and satellites taken over by every crony and his nephew, the private sector is at a choke point) which in turn

will burst the many bubbles afflicting us: 3.5 million pensioners and 1.5 million public employees for fewer than 1.5M PRODUCTIVE taxpayers

now we see the arguments in favor of how the sacred euro , at least, may grant us another ten generations of this zombified condition, and

we think, fuck, but didn't we have a decent enough standard of living before all this shit came about? where have all the bailout € gone?

so anyone preferring to remain an accessory to the suppression of entire cultures and their replacement by the Maoist relativity of Brussels

by all means, be my guest, go live in france, belgium, holland or anywhere everything is normalized from toilet seats to pet psychology

just don't make me wake up every fucking day to your rainbow hysteria, and your cowardly addiction to free money coming from german pockets.

i don't care if syriza is left, right or schizophrenic. i don't care if the previous greek govts stole every euro. that is irreversible. 

however, the future is not decided. and beyond ideologies, beyond anachronical issues like "class struggle" or "nationalism", there is

something much more important: to bring down the rule of the all-encompassing nanny SuperState and to make people return to depend solely

on themselves, on what is real, tangible, produceable. to quell the rise of moral relativism and the damping of traditional values & ethics

syriza (by mere happenchance) can accomplish this. any country leaving the EU and kicking the right dominoes can accomplish this. rant over.

posted at 08:49



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