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Walden Pond

Being a Chronicle of Man against Men

Walden Pond

Being a Chronicle of Man against Men

Murder, Hysteria, Genosuicide and the black-holed Prime Minister of Portugal

I spent several hours last night wondering about whether to write yet another post on the four pillars that mark my compass - the suicidal demise of Western society; amplified functional illiteracy at work through the internet like, very literally, a virus (in the sense that Neal Stephenson in his novel "Snow Crash", and Laurie Anderson in the same-titled song, have described it) that cripples any possible recovery; regressive leftism as the driving engine of the first two; and why I will always prefer Batman to Superman, in his grimmest, darkest, more brutal and primeval aspects.

Then, like any good lab rat, I set out to update my samples. And, upon finding a spike on the graph, decided to abstain from further comment. The moment was a sort of butterfly-effect driven epiphany for me. The portuguese prime-minister, a corrupt and flabby-necked windbag whose vacuity can only rival that of his electorate, claimed (criticizing his predecessor, who is also a socialist, but of a different sect) that schoolchildren have been, and I quote, "forced to take tests on their final terms only to serve an agenda of selective racial purification".

Upon reading this, and coupled with the slaughterhouse-like hubbub raised among feminists, liberal overeducated nerds, and every other life form on the hyena taxonomy branch following Trump's remarks on abortion, I just poured a shot of bourbon, gulped it down, and went to bed where I lay reading Stephen Baxter's "Iron winter" until sleep overcame my senses.

The only thing on my mind was this post from a month ago:

Stay safe out there.



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